Project Sales & Advisory

Our knowledge and experience with urban development in South Australia is second to none…

A home is one of the largest purchases most people will ever make… and we understand how important that is.
We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make this large purchasing decision

Over the past 20 years, we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to residential and mixed use developments in SA. We can advise on any aspect of your development, from subdivision to pricing, inspections to encumbrances, buyers to conveyancing, financing to design, research to sales strategy. The significant experiences and success of our team have built a unique skill set and expertise with the myriad issues and opportunities that can come along with urban development.

Our experience is broad and entails everything from initial high level advice and project feasibility through to full detailed and costed business cases. We understand how to maximise yield in land subdivisions, optimise built form outcomes, and tailor make solutions to meet market and geographic conditions.

We are an entirely objective advisory, and have a wide ranging portfolio of clients from independent, corporate, and Government development projects. Our skills are highly specialised and arguably unmatched in the South Australian market place. Please click here to contact us to discuss your next project.

Project Marketing

From the overarching strategy to the final sale, our award-winning marketing department is well equipped to handle every aspect of your project’s marketing and communication requirements.

With 20 years experience in project marketing, we are specialists in the development sector, and have successfully marketed land projects ranging from 2 to 2000 allotments, and apartment projects from 4 to 400 – and almost everything in between. We are a full-service in-house marketing and communications agency, and provide a comprehensive service to our development clients. Our strongest asset is the fact we can work hand in glove with the Project Sales team, and hear first hand what’s happening ‘on the ground’ at the project moment by moment, which allows us to capitalise on any favourable opportunities – or minimise any negative impacts – in a very timely fashion. We can also leverage the project sales contact list managed by our CRM in-house for electronic marketing and customer relationship management (an important part of our marketing strategy.) Our services include everything from top line marketing strategy, branding and project naming, design services, audience identification, marketing and communications recommendations, media planning and buying, event management, community engagement, digital and social media management, online display and listings, search and remarketing campaigns, inbound, above the line and below the line advertising campaigns… and of course, reporting and post analysis!

We are a one-stop marketing shop for urban development, and have many successful (and sold out) projects to our name! Please click here to contact us