The Artisan, Bowden

From $310,000


Bowden has left behind its industrial past to find a new artisanal sensibility re-emerging in its wake – a return to the crafters, designers, artisans, re-cyclers, up-cyclers and hand-makers of pre-industry.

The Artisan is inspired by the artisans of past and present. Bowden’s newest apartment building is urban living at its best – aesthetically pleasing and aspirational. With 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available, The Artisan embodies the new spirit of Bowden’s redefined living with a design approach that embraces sustainability and ergonomic living as its first principles.

Opposite the green leafy spaces of Kevin Taylor Park, The Artisan will attract seekers of fulfilling lifestyles, and who are looking to be a part of a burgeoning community doing things its own unique way.

For further information visit theartisanbowden.com.au

Additional Details

  • Address
    Lot 27, Fifth Street, Bowden
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  • Architect



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